Monday, July 9, 2012

down south

Atlanta, Georgia
part 3

Heading up to the top of Stone Mountain on the Summit Skyride cable car.
view from the cable car

view from on top of the granite rock (Stone Mountain)
On the side of the mountain, there is a Confederate Memorial Carving (it was such a pretty rock)
some other things we did...
ate at The Varsity (not sure what the hype is about a hot dog joint)
 and visited the Martin Luther King Jr historical site.

We also went to Medieval Times for dinner (and a show)
inside of the castle
our table setting - no utensils - gotta use your hands
Gabe showing his mug before the show starts
the chancellor
 the yellow knight

 the black and white knight
 our knight -yellow and red
 the King
all the knights
horse show

knights getting ready for the jousting tournament

the yellow knight won over all

Friday, July 6, 2012

down south

Atlanta, Georgia
part 2

Antebellum Plantation
(sorry for all the pictures)
Here is the map of the plantation. The Antebellum Plantations is a collection of original buildings from around the state of Georgia, built between 1792 and 1875.
Kingston House
(Kingston, GA, circa 1845) #2 on the map
This was the manor house of the 300-arce Allen Plantation. Bryan Allen was an English cotton broker from Savannah who probably built this home as a summerhouse. Here are some of the rooms in the home:

Slave Cabins
(Covington, GA, circa 1830) #7 on the map
These cabins came from the Graves Plantation. Slave cabins were generally very simple structures and varied in size depending on the number of people housed inside.
The vast majority of 19th century residents in what is now the Atlanta metro area lived on small farms. They had a small petting zoo to experience the types of livestock that would have been kept on a Georgia farm in the mid 1800s.

I discovered that a sheep is much softer than it looks

Vegetable Garden #13 on map

 look how tall the corn is...

Dickey House
(Dickey, GA near Albany, circa 1840)
This house has 14 rooms coverings 6,250 square feet.
stairs leading up to the front door
 this room is where the men would entertain male guests or use as a den

this is the room where the women would entertain their women friends

the girls' room

 (I liked that sewing machine that was sitting on the desk)
master bedroom

music room

dining room
boys' room
 cool looking trunks in the boys' room

Formal Garden and Gazebo #16 on map
Wealthy families could enjoy elegant gardens that were made solely for beauty and comfort

 Powell Academy Schoolhouse #18 on map
(DeKalb County, GA, circa 1875)
After the Civil War, many small communities built their own schools. The students typically attended from November to February, when they were not needed to help on the farm. Students at all grade levels attended together, with more advanced students helping the younger children with their lessons.