Monday, June 18, 2012

trip to the farm

This last week we went to Wheeler Farm with some of our friends.
The first animals we came to were the ducks and geese.

(I think my favorite were these cute little ducklings)

 say "moo"

taking turns on the tractor

Henry checking out what's on the other side of the fence

Tillie liked petting the goat

they all had a good time at the 'real' farm
Here is the group that we got together:


The last weekend of May, Gabe went to Dallas for work. I went there to have a mini vacation. While we were there, we visited the The Sixth Floor Museum.

The Texas School Book Depository is were evidence was found showing that shots were fired from the 6th floor at President Kennedy as his motorcade went past the building.
(window, 2nd to the top on the right side)

The grassy knoll. The 'X' on the road is where JFK's car was at when he got shot.

Dallas Temple

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

biker girl

Gabe and I were gone the last weekend of June. While we were gone, his parents came to stay with the kids. When we got back, look who learned how to ride her bike....

I was SOOO excited!


....we have teenagers. It's hard to remember to take pictures of events in life - especially of these two.
They are awesome kids! Hard workers and the best older siblings of the 3 littler ones.
I thought that I would try and get a picture of them - very random.

"did you just take a picture of me?"