Sunday, May 6, 2012

mini vacation

This last week we went up to Jackson Hole. Gabe went up for work while the kids and I tagged along for a mini vacation. We stayed at the Rustic Inn. It was a cute little cabin. However, the weather didn't cooperate as much as we'd liked it to (it was cold and rainy), so we spent a lot of time there.

On the side of the inn, there was this cute wagon bench and antlers. I tried getting the kids to work with me to just get one decent picture. Not so much. So, now I'm posting the best of the worst.

I did manage to get Tillie acting like a goof

On one of the days, we walked a couple of blocks and found the park. The kids were excited to be out of the hotel room and outside. Not to mention the fun park.

Gabi really likes the swings and is learning how to pump. One thing to do when you're swinging, is to scream. (Tillie wasn't interested in the swings)

They called this one the Butterfly Ladder

and just playing

Back at the hotel, the window had a wide sill. The kids really liked to sit up there and do just about anything.

On the last day, Gabe got off work early and we went downtown. The weather was nice and after dinner, just before heading back to the hotel, we got ice cream cones.

What a great way to end a trip. The kids had fun but were glad to be back home.