Monday, April 16, 2012

cute bugs

Gabi is loving ladybugs this year. About a week ago, she found one, and then Tillie stepped on it. Out came Gabi's water works. She was SO sad that her sister stepped on it. She was convinced that that was the only ladybug ever.

Today, she found another one. Happy Day! She had it crawling on her for about an hour. She was afraid that she was going to lose it, so she asked me if I would take a picture of her ladybug.

The kids really enjoy being outside and I'm thankful for those sunshiny, warm days.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


Christensen Easter Egg Hunt
each kid had a certain color to look for. The boys looked for blue (light blue and dark blue) and the girls all looked for pink, 2 different shades of purple and Gabi wanted to look for green.

some of the cousins making rabbit ears getting ready to go find their eggs

 Tillie pretty proud of her finds (pink eggs)

 Gabi had a more difficult time finding hers - they blended in the surrounding pretty good (green eggs)

Henry just wanted to see what was in the eggs as he found them scattered on the lawn.

silly kids

Easter outfits
kind of went with a brown theme this year

I made the girls their skirts.

(these pictures were all so cute, I couldn't not share all of them)

dress ups

Grandma Sherrie gave Tillie and Gabi some cute wigs for the girls to play dress up in. It's called Lalaloopsy


We were able to go to the zoo in March - the weather was really nice - with one of my friends. The kids were really excited to see the animals.

We saw the elephants.

rode the carousel - the kids were really excited, however, Tillie was a little nervous. She hugged the pole the whole time.

saw giraffes and tigers


and spent some time at the playground.

We had a really fun time and can't wait to go back!